14 October 2009


i dont normally swear. im not a swearer. only a few automatic occasions do i let the curses out.

1; driving round london. they just fall out, the traffic is normally slow but you have to be a slow racing driver to dodge yellow boxes, red routes, red flashers, etc , i just cant help it.

2; playing pac-man, now i dont play any other computer games, ping was my limit when i was younger, having a cardboard version of pac-man as a kid isnt so exciting as playing a real fast computer game when your my age.

3; feeling ill.

these past few weeks, ive been feeling the nausea creep in. please anyone out there cross your fingers for me. i cant slip back into desperately ill land. my bowels havent been working (urgh), and the nausea has decided to pop back into my life for the odd hour or so. ive tried massaging my belly with all my old face moisturisers that i havent used. hasnt worked. drinking more, hasnt worked, the last option is the lactolose(wrong spelling, its a liquid to make you poop they gave it too me in hospital).

when im feeling so unwell, i swear at myself for being. i swear at my body for carrying me around, and dealing me this awful hand.

a sorry sad post. hoping i will feel better soon.xxx


Michelle Roger said...

Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. I understand the need for occasional expletives. Sometimes one of those four letter words can express your feelings far more clearly than a page of prose. It is so much a case of all or nothing with relation to the bowels issue, I've tried it all to either go or not go as the case may be. I so hope you find a solution soon.
Thinking of you
Michelle :)

diver said...

Fingers duely crossed for you ma'am.

Just a thought ... all those meds you take, plus the anxiety, it can all tend to get one's stomach very acidic and the tummy lining a little ulcerated. Nausea is a typical symptom. Perhaps it's something you could run by your doc?

All these best Alice, hope you feel better real soon :)

Rachael said...

Hi Alice,
really sorry your not feeling good, i've been suffering from a lot of nausia recently due to my stomach problem so i totally sympathise with you, i now its awful feeling like that.

I think having a good old swear can be good for you, its gets out all your frustration and anger.

I hope you start to feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

I hope things pick up soon. I was going to say the same as diver. Maybe it is something the GP can help you with.

I'd imagine you are more than a bit run down too after all the recent trips back and forth. I hope you get some long rest because its amazing how much these things can physically take out of us with tension alone.

All the best


alice said...

hi michelle

would i ever have thought that i would be dicussing my bowels movements with strangers? nope. ive restrained myself today, the more i seem to do the more i have problems with those little tubes down below.

we shall see if this works! xxx


hi diver

i was pretty much the same before the meds, so i know its not those causing the problem which is a bit of a relief. i had this kind of things happening in may when i was near deaths door. i will by-pass the gp on this one, in a few weeks i have an appointment(yet another one) with the consultant, so i will write it down, along with a number of other questions, and ask him. thanks.xxx


hi rachael

nausea, urgh, urgh, urgh. its so unpleasant. now im on meds which work im forever grateful for them. its just been the last few weeks ive noticed this little bugger creep back in. hopefully its temporary.

pleased for you with your police job, hoping success will come your way. xxx


hi nechtan

im probably a bit run down nechtan, i think i need a multi-vit thrown in there somewhere. yet another question to ask the consultant!!! and at last i will find the answers in a couple of weeks, which is a little nerve wracking in itself. xxx