30 October 2009

Not Happy, Sorry.

im not angry, annoyed, mystified, astonished, nope not me. by now i should be used to the workings of the nhs. i went on wednesday to my appointment with the consultant, had nearly an hours wait, although i must say two lovely nurses took care of me. i was more of an exhibit to them though, the sister had only seen one p.o.t.s patient and she wanted to quiz me over the symptoms, which i didnt mind. she took my bp, and pulse, laying, standing for a minute then for three mintues. and my body played up as usual, no surprises there.

another consultant saw me, fine, but, a big but, never had the paperwork from kings college. so no outcome. no telling me what was wrong, no mri results, no eye results, nothing. then the consultant that dealt with me in may came in, a jolly man asked how i was, had i dyed my hair(? no i havent), i asked what could be done and he said without the notes, he would up the fludrocortisone, that should allow me to stand a little longer. another appointment was made for mid-december. im beyond caring anymore. (slightly dramatic). also i have to phone kings to get the papers faxed to the kent hospital.

whilst sitting in the diddy waiting room, i was surrounded by older people. you would think that they would bloody know better. coughing all over the place. please place your hand over your gob. ive came away with a lovely cold. im praying that it isnt flu, i keep telling myself over that it isnt. im living on soluble panadol now, gargling lovely songs.

things will pick up im sure. they have too.


Ellen said...

Alice, how frustrating! I also hate the workings of the nhs on your behalf. It just doesn't seem right that they can't send over some paperwork in several weeks...

Get better soon. Ellen

Coffeecup said...

I think you've been treated disgracefully. Why should you have to phone one hospital to fax your notes to another? Don't they have secretaries for that or have they dispensed with them to pay the managers? Grrrr! I'm angry! Lord knows you must be furious. I understand you're passed caring, but honestly, this isn't good enough. To make a unwell person travel for nothing, then make them wait an extra six weeks for a conclusion, and treatment, pah! it's rough! I'd be sorely tempted to kick up a major league fuss.

Big hugs lovely lady, you deserve better than this :-( xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

That just isn't on. I know NHS staff have a lot of their plate and there are some greatly underappreciated people working in it but its not right that you should have to go through this. But I will say good on you. If I'd managed 10 minutes waiting then it would only be to leave sraight after it. It shows alot of mental strength to see it through.

I hope this is a one off and very soon you start gettin some answers and also the chance of rest.

All the best


Rusty Hoe said...

Hi Alice

I feel your pain, be comforted in that the system is just the same over here at on the other side of the world. I met with my prof (after referral from my cardio) he said he'd send a treatment plan to my cardio. Went back to cardio first thing she asked "have you been to the prof"? WTF?? Ahhh the joys. Unfortunately I know from the other side of the desk that we are just one pt among 100s to the docs. Whereas answers/solutions are rather important to us, yesterday! Oh I wish I had some inspiring words for you, but just know I understand completely. Hang in there.
Michelle :)

alice said...

hi ellen

thanks for disliking the nhs from a different continent. xxx


hi steph

i thought i would laugh when he said could you ask them to send them over! i politely didnt. the thing is now ive learnt that on the odd occasion that i get angry i feel a whole lot worse. so i calmly ommm, my way out. i keep telling myself, things will improve. thanks.xxx


hi nechtan

i suppose in some ways i was lucky, because i was in a small room with a curtain around me waiting which makes my anxiety alot easier to deal with. although the trips do take alot out of me, my strength is sapped. never mind eh!.x


hi michelle

one among hundreds, thats true. just another number they have to get through in the day. a conveyer belt of patients. yet to us we are the one and only person that its happening too. in a strange kind of way i think this condition has made me chill out abit, strange but true. x

Achelois said...

Have only just caught up on blogs I read today. Coffeecup you say it all. You have to ring to get them to fax!!!! Although perhaps whilst you were at it you could get them to email the results to you at the same time at least then they won't be lost!! I am completely cross on your behalf. Its always worth ringing the consultants secretary to say you can do cancellations if you are close enough. I am so sorry alice - If we are all cross and upset on your behalf goodness knows how you must have felt.