19 December 2009

whats been happening......

what has been happening?

well this year ive been able to do my own christmas shopping, and wrapped it all myself!!! i remember feeling pretty dreadful last year. i know im in the wheelie chair, but its enabled me to trawl the shops on quiet days to purchase gifts for the people that have taken care of me this year.

a few thank-you cards have gone off to those who have helped. i appreciated their help very much indeed. and a number of christmas cards went off last week.

regards to my health, well i have to take things slow, which is an unusual word for me to use,because my whole life ive raced around at 100mph.

the snow has come a few days ago, and i feel like an old bore, because its affecting my p.o.t.s.

next year will be a struggle/challenge all depending how you look at it. i will need to push for more tests with the eds/hypermobility. if i have this syndrome it will explain alot and i can then finally understand why im like i am. then maybe find a way forward. not maybe, i will find away forward.

onwards and upwards.


Robert said...

not maybe, i will find away forward.

That's it. Think positive. Works every time!

alice said...

thanks, i will find away forward.

thanks for commenting, just goes to show that blogs can be so helpful, thinking outside the box and all. hope your well and looking forward to christmas.xxx