12 December 2009

happy birthday to me.

well not my real birthday. my blog is one year old today!!!!!!

i must say you guys have witnessed, with no exaggeration here the most challenging (worse) year of my life. i would never have thought that i, could have coped with this illness thrown at me. and im so glad i didnt know what was about to happen. im a wuss, where illness is concerned, im the biggest baby of all time. has it helped posting about my woes? well i think with constructive responses, yes it has been. bloggers who have gone through similar things have helped, and i know that my anxiety hasnt helped through this, so all you anxiety sufferers thanks for you supportive comments.

i mean ive ended up in a wheeliechair outside the house, which im still seeing as temporary. this is from someone who once walked miles for pleasure. also i found walking helped de-stress. so now i use the internet for distraction. and if i never then i wouldnt have found the funny, informative, chirpy blogs that i read everyday.

i started to read a few blogs a year previous to blogging, stephs, roberts, and sarahs. i was too apprehensive about leaving messages because i felt what i had to say was full of nonsense, so i carried on lurking ( yucky word). until a year later, i logged on to blogger in november. left it a month, when i felt so awful i couldnt care what people thought of me and began my own blog. i still dont know much of the technical side of things, but im learning. my brain is thinking instead of being in an inert state in bed.

will i be here next year? who knows. im hoping that i will be well. when people say, as long as you have your health, well i can understand that saying now because without it, you cant function, whether its mental or physical, health matters.

just wanted to say thanks for all you readers, you know who you are. and thank you for writing your blogs too. in the words of elvis;

thank you very much.xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your blog Alice!

I know what you mean. I actually started blogging in 2007 and then deleting my blog twice. While I was doing it I would read other blogs but never leave comments. It is probably the way to do it as you get a feel for blogging first before taking part.

I am glad you started when you did. This has been a very rough year for you and one that a few years down the line may not be able to capture clearly in your mind. Now you have chronicled it and can look back as a reference if you need to. One of the main reasons I started my own blog was because I was writing things down that I would normally forget later but with the blog it is easier to search back for things than it is through notepads.

Additionally your story here will help others which is a gift in itself. I like the way the blogging world works. We help and we recieve help in so many ways. Its a bit like the way I wish the real world would work.

All the best


Robert said...

Hey Alice - I've got another word for your writing style - quirky. Don't dare to change it!

You've collected quite a few virtual friends during the past year. They are a great help, aren't they?

You know, one of the things I most admire about you is your matter-of-fact telling of your problems. You don't complain or keep asking "...why me...?" I hope to be reading your blog for a long time to come!

Rachael said...

Happy Blog Birthday Alice!

I always enjoy reading your blog so i hope you continue to write for a long time to come :)

I was always nervous about posting comments on other blogs aswell, i was worried about how i would come across and what they would think of me, which i know is silly because everyone is so nice and like Robert said a great help.

take care


Coffeecup said...

One year already! Wow! Congraulations lovely lady. You have a wonderful blog which I've throughly enjoyed reading from the very beginning. Through your good times and not so good. I hope you'll still be writing another years time. You have a beautiful attitude towards life, you are extremely modest, courageous and inspiring. You are a genuine gorgeous person and I'm so happy you chose to start writing.

Maybe you'll be taking those long walks again before too long. I can empathise with this lots, because I used to walk everywhere too and I miss it. Thank goodness for friends online for making us feel better about the situation.

Three cheers for the blogging birthday girl...


diver said...

Many happy returns on your blog Alice :)

alice said...

hi nechtan

ive already taken alook back at my musings, and your right its good to see how you were feeling at the time. i hope i can help others, even in the knowledge that someone in the universe is feeling the same as them. thanks for reading.xxx

hi robert

ive asked why me plenty of times in my head, but eventually your slung stuff to deal with and you have to do you best with wading throught the muck, like christian in pilgrims progress.

blog friends are a great comfort. a little comment here and there, some understanding certainly helps in times of need. thanks for reading, and writing your blog. xxx

hi rachael

im glad you enjoy reaading, yours is a good read too. i really hope with all your understanding and hard work you will eventually get what you want from life, instead of being dictated to from this anxiety fiend. you deserve more, dont ever give up, something is waiting for you around the next corner im sure. xxxxx

hi cc

your writing is comforting, a funny read at times, yet serious at other times. i love sitting down reading through what you have written, seeing if i too have the same feelings, where anxiety is concered i do. slowly, but surely there must be a way out of this cruelty. im sure there is. there are answers out there we just havent found them yet. xxx

hi diver

thanks. i enjoy the jewelled necklaces you make, i often sit and wonder the time and effort you put into these pieces, i wonder if the new owners realise this? you being over the other side of the world gives a good perspective or other opinions. yet just goes to show a problem here is a problem world wide. xxx

Rusty Hoe said...

Many birthday wishes Alices blog xxx

I love the quirkiness of your blog, I can always be guaranteed of feeling something when I read it and it is always a pleasure to read which is more than I can say for a lot of blogs. We are always our own worst enemy when it comes to writing especially something so personal that exposes what most people keep hidden. It took me ages to work up to starting my blog but it's kind of cathartic now and I can write and dump all the dross and get on with life. It also lets you know you are not alone which is a gift that keeps on giving. So keep on keeping on and enjoy a big piece of celebratory cake.

Michelle :)

Sarah♥ said...


Hi Alice..
SOOOO glad you stopped lurking. As another frequent reader of your blog, i love it. I really enjoy your posts...and to read what you have been through...you're a very strong women.

Please continue to write...

Much love - Sarah <3