15 December 2009

thick skin.

anyone have any tips on growing one of the above?


Robert said...

Years of practice. And coping with lots of insensitive, cruel or brain-dead morons.

I got one in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

No tips from me I'm afraid. I guess, as Robert suggested, it comes down to life experience and how you handle it- whether you let it hold you back or not. Personally I have no middle ground. I go from ultra thin to ultra thick depending on who I am dealing with and it comes down to how much respect I have for that person.

All the best


Achelois said...

Relative who is a practising and succesful Harley Street Hypnotherapist may suggest - imagine yourself surrounded by a big bubble - any negative comments or hurtful stuff bounce off this imaginary bubble and away... (visualising this bubble in a relaxation session may help). I think thats the way it goes - I may have missed a relevant bit.

Gin & tonic makes me quite thick skinned but I hardly drink these days so out of practise on that one!

Alternatively a big scary dog makes think people think twice lol

Whose being hurting your feelings Alice, how very dare they to such a sweet girl.

Take care

The Girl from the Ghetto said...

I am so sensitive, and need to find a thick skin as well. If you find one, please tell me your secret!

alice said...

hi robert

i forget the process, the horrible feelings you get, are really trying to help you grow the skin. instead i usually skulk away, and forget to really embrace the feelings. so i should thank all those people, and the people in the future that are futile. x

hi nechtan

respect, good word to use. dont you just feel comfortable around some people like they dont make you feel like your a cretin, even if you make mistakes. the others, mmm i need to learn more. be more aware.xxxx

hi achelois

i think the process this year of going through endless tests, some comments, especially from the gp, makes me feel worthless. i knew a few years ago there was something wrong with me. instead of being confident, standing up for what i believe i felt, i shrinked away. i need not be like this anymore. i need a voice, a strong voice. or a big dog. pity the dog im getting next year is a itsy, bitsy dog!!! xxx


i will be sure to pass on any tips, regards to the elephant skin.xxx