3 December 2009

thank you.....

i have a smile on my face. im content. it has to do with my condition, in a way.

when i was taken into hospital in may, my parents decided to place me on a private ward. we havent health insurance as im sure all us brits know we rely on the NHS to deal with our medical problems. alas, they hadnt been treating mine, so i declined quite rapidly.

the stay was for three weeks. so you can image the bill. at the time they werent bothered about it. when mentioned oxygen tubes, and feeding tubes the last thing coming to mind was paying amounts of money for the bill.

however i had an idea at the time, my father belongs to a masonic lodge (no jokes please about rolled up trouser legs!), hes been a mason for a number of years so i know a bit about it. i knew that they had a charitable fund. so i said why dont we approach them. we did, however they usually pay for private hospital treatment before its begun, not after. the secretary said we could put our case forward, you never know.

well in may we wrote a few letters, the doc wouldnt say what was wrong for definite because he didnt know, but last month the consultant did write the letter.

this morning i went to croydon with mum, to look for some Christmas presents, and spent nearly two hours in the chair, yippee i thought i feel fairly normal.

when i came back the letter from the masonic fund was waiting on the doormat. oh no i thought i dont want to open it. i took it upstairs, in a state of fear.

i slowly brought myself to open it. looking at the first line, then unfolding the lower part. i read two lines and thought that was it, no financial help. until i read further down. they have agreed to pay a huge chunk off. leaving me with a little to fund. im so pleased. im happy. thats my Christmas present. thank you masons. thank you for helping me when i was ill.


diver said...

That's great news Alice, no doubt therapeutic in itself. Service organisations can be great like that can't they. Glad to read you're feeling so chirpy :)

Ellen said...

I'm happy for you Alice. At last you get a bit of a break. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

That must be a big weight lifted. Really good news. I can tell from the tone of your post how much this means to you so I'm very happy you've had a good start to the festive season.

All the best


alice said...

hi diver

im glad i had time to think in the hosptial bed, and my worrying nature came in handy for once, as i was worrying about paying for the bill. my sister and i wrote down some solutions on a piece of paper and wondered which was were viable, the masons being one of them. im so glad that we applied now. xxx

hi ellen

thats how i thought of it, i got a bit of luck back. i know that i contributed to that luck, but ultimately we didnt know which way the outcome could of gone. thank you.xxx

hi nechtan

youve summed it up, its like a cloud has been lifted. i will be able to pay back the small amount after christmas to my parents. i was dreading the moment when i opened the letter. an early christmas present indeed. i wont be complaining over the festive season. i couldnt want for more.