1 February 2010

finished scarf

the pattern that i took my scarf from. a while back i wanted a scarf with holes in. i couldnt find an appropriate pattern so i searched through my mums needlework box. the pattern below my mum knitted my doll when i was so young. i remember i couldnt wait for her to finish. pale lemon, with silky white, yellow ribbons i treasured the clothes for a good few years. i began adapting, starting with the back of the jacket, i followed the rows carefully and still made mistakes.
this is the lemon/lime alpaca scarf i was able to finish yesterday. it took me a while due to the pains in my neck and shoulders, but i managed. a kind lady at mh is going to show me how to block it, something that ive never done before. apparently instead of the knitting curling up, it stays flat. i would recommend knitting for anxious people, especially patterns because your so immersed you forget about things. im off to start another similiar pattern now although this time its going to be a cowl.


Rusty Hoe said...

That is so cute. The only way I can get holes in mine is by dropping stitches. I'm very impressed :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Great work. Its great to have some interest that you can get lost in. Its quite a talent to make things and must feel rewarding when you complete something- much like the work diver does.

All the best


Em said...

hi michelle

my mind allowed me to knit this scarf after a years break from clacking needles. the only problem ive learnt today is the scarf is moulting. is that possible?!!! xxx

hi nechtan

yeah i love making things. especially when all the effort you put in pays off. although when it doesnt i get cross that ive spent all the time creating a, i cant think of the word, but you know.