6 January 2010


whilst sitting in a rather large cafe yesterday i heard two people chatting, it wasnt too difficult because we were the only ones in there. one woman was talking about depression, she read a really good book on it, and the author suggested that, 'until we have learned our lesson, we wont move on'. ok i know that this cant be the case with all things, but it rang true with some of my life lessons.

the snow has come here, not as bad as last feb, but enough to hurt my chest and make me a little poorly, not to poorly though.

oh and one more thing, ive noticed im not so annie anxious when in places, two reasons for this, 1. im so grateful to be out of bed, five months in bed would drive anyone crazy, 2, im sitting down, i really think this p.o.t.s thing had a hold over me way before the main symptoms visited me. instead of jiggling and jangling in a queue wanting to just shoot from the shop, i find myself just sitting, waiting. mmmm.


Rusty Hoe said...

I was thinking of you with all the snow. My brother-in-law Lives in London and when we were talking to him today he said the school his girlfriend works at was closed. Burrrrrrr it's hard to imagine when I'm sitting under the aircon here. Hope you have lots of super warm blankets to cuddle up with . :)

diver said...

'... until we have learned our lesson, we wont move on ...'

I suppose that's a sort of 'spiritual' view of mental health ... like what a shaman or witch-doctor would say to us?

I personally find the view refreshing, indeed, heaps more interesting than any explanation that I've ever heard from cognitive psychology. Hmm I wonder what my lesson is?

I liked the sound of this new 'calm' that's settled on you Emma, this ability to sit and wait and watch. It sounds very progressive :)

alice said...

hi michelle

its certainly chilly here. im envious of you with the warmth of summer. and theres me with my diddy hot water bottle! xx

hi diver

i suppose that approach is quite spiritual. earwiggy me, tut tut, i just couldnt help but overhear and the sentence sprung out at me.

fingers crossed with my anxiety, wouldnt it be great if i figured out the reason. although i suspect on other occasions little annie has raised her head, so shes still there.