7 January 2010

smelly old crow woman

poor little sods. crows looked fed up and miserable, do they feel what we feel? i lobbed them some bread on the way through. im turning into smelly old crow woman!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Lots of hungry grows around our way too. As I was coming in today a blackbird had dug some frozen bread from yesterday out of the snow but couldn't peck into it. My wife had thrown out that lot and when I told her she threw out some new loaf. I think the gulls got most of it though.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Feeding birds doesn't make you old or smelly dear lady. Compassionate and nature loving I'd say. Keep feeding them, they need your help right now xxx

Achelois said...

Our garden is a haven for birds - you are not alone.

Alice I haven't been commenting because I can't see the comment facility due to the colour. Its gone nearly invisible to me - a sort of translucent glowing pale green colour. At night I can't see it at all. Just in case you think I have been ignoring you. I haven't. i expect its only me i am having trouble at the minute seeing coloured writing on coloured backgrounds!

Take care alice/emma.

alice said...

hi nechtan

so im not the only bird women! the little birdies in the garden get fed, but i thought driving out to fed the gorgeous (in my eyes they are gorgeous) crows, i thought i was mad. glad your wife feeds them too!! xxx

hi cc

i like your description better compassionate and nature loving, then smelly and old! i think its the self-concious side of me that comes into play. but you know what? driving past cp where the crows are ive seen two van drivers, burly men, throw bread from there van. which totally surprised me. it seems the cute ducks on the pond around a half mile away are awash with bread little kids throw, yet the crows are left. i think more visits are need. thanks.xxxx

hi achelois

i know what you mean with the comments, i had a little fiddle with colours before or was it after christmas? one day the blog was black, which was changed the next day to grey (boring me). the comments seem to be spearmint, i will have a fiddle and try to change them back, no problems. hope your ok. xxx