2 February 2010


taken a couple of days ago. i saw this robin perched up a tree singing his/her heart out. i wish i was more able to use my camera, i would of taken some moving pictures for all to hear. something for me to learn to do.


Rachael said...

Thats a lovley picture Em.
There was a heron perched on my neighbours roof (i cant remember ever seeing a heron before) the other day but i was in my bedroom to far away so the pictures were not very clear.

Im trying to learn as much as i can about photography at the moment, its such a great hobby.

Coffeecup said...

Excellent pic Em! Can't miss that red breast, awww :-)

Looks like you had lovely clear skies too, jealous as it's absolutely poured down here all day.

I forget you can take video on compact cameras, and mobile phones for that matter. Would be worth finding the right button as it would be fabulous to see your films too xxxx

Em said...

hi rachael

i bet the heron was after someones fish in their pond. sometimes they can clear whole ponds out. i usually take my camera with me now wherever i go, i get the odd good picture.

a great hobby rach, seems like a picture diary too, something to look back on. xxx

hi steph

managed to find the button yeah!!! now i just have to fiddle with the computer to see how to download them. i managed to learn to post pictures im sure i can do videos. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Very nice. The little blighters are hard to catch so well done. They are very fast and don't stick in one place long. The light has caught this one really well.