22 February 2010

me aged 5

ha ha did i manage to download a moving picture? i think so. me aged five cycling around a beach in the med, my grandad was a bit of a recycler, he dumpster dived for my first bike, rhubarb and custard in colour. the last pic is of my brother and i jumping on a sand castle that we had spent the whole afternoon constructing. happy days. woolly head and all i did it!!!


Coffeecup said...

Ha ha clever girl! Hey you were cute. Nothing wrong with that bike, and you say it was a dumpster dive? Wow! Clever granddad too.

I adore your new profile picture!!! Straight off the catwalk. You have such great style. Loving your haircut :)

I hope the woolley head clears soon lovely lady. :( xxx

Rusty Hoe said...

I agree with coffee cup, very Vogue :)

Achelois said...

Very very clever. I must be stupid i don't know what a dumpster dive is.

Goodness me the haircut is simply divine. Your hair is so shiny. I hope someone tells you every single day you are one beautiful lady.

I wonder if in posting that pic of you in the med is a subliminal wish to be in warmer climes.....

Hoping woolly head feels better soon.

Sending the very best of feel good wishes


Anonymous said...

How lovely to have the videos of you as a child. Do you know I don't think I have one video of myself?

Em said...

hi steph

i think it was more luck then cleverness! i adore my new knitted lime/lemon scarf although its made of alpaca and itchy as hell. im hoping when i was it again it will gradually lose its itchness.

im quite a sloppy moo really. when i arrive home, on go the pjs and cosy tops for comfort. thanks xxx


hi michelle

oh i wish i was sophisticated and sleek but beneath the surface comfort counts. xx


hi achelois

dumpster diving is what freegans do, jump into skips to retrieve goods that can be reused, grandad was ahead of his time!!! i loved the bike sooo much.

i havent used conditioner on my hair for nearly a year now, just plain old shampoo. because my shoulders hurt so much the least amount of time on a task the better.

oh and would love a little trip to italy, late summer in the hills by the beach, mmmmm. maybe one day.
i must be optomistic as im just renewing my passport for another ten years. xxxxxx


hi frugal

my dad is a bit of a gadget freak so way back in the seventies he had a super 8 cine camera you know the really old type. we have a few more pieces which i use. brings back great memories. great blog you have. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

That was lovely to see. Those kind of things are priceless. To have those moving memories is something special. Well done on getting up to your blog as I honestly wouldn't have a clue.

I didn't know what a dumpster dive was either but now I do. I certainly see the wisdom in it as we are very much a throw away society.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

i think it was a bit of luck really getting the video up, i will try again though. good memories makes me smile everytime i watch it. i think your doing the same with documenting pictures with your children growing up. x