10 February 2010

O.T/ anxiety

this afternoon im off to see an occupational therapist. ive no idea what to expect, a ten mile trek across croydon to sutton hosptial. luckily the hospital has a country feel to it not some big impersonal building. im wondering what will happen.

little bit of anticipatory anxiety going on. im trying to ignore this, cuddling up to rosie, i have no choice as shes flopped across my stomach whilst im trying to type. have a little headache which i hope will ease. its snowing outside.

got three hours to go. i think the tabs help. the first time in my life ive been on regular medication. if i wasnt feeling so bad last year in hospital i wouldnt of taken them. however they gave me the beta blockers to slow the heart rate down on standing, not a big dose. but ive read that people with anxiety take them. also on a tiny dose of paroxetine which was to try and even out my autonomic system again for the p.o.t.s, im wondering if these are helping with the anxiety.

ive been a big sufferer from anxiety for as long as i can remember, whether its been caused by the p.o.t.s, or as achelois suggested hypermobility. im finding before appointments i have the same old sweateness, the 'i dont want to go', but im finding some appointments easier than others. i mean i tolerated an mri scan, yep i had anxiety but i got through it, and i was on these combination of meds at the time.

will see how things go this afternoon, wish little rosie could come with me.


Robert said...

I think that eveyone has anticipatory anxiety when approaching an unknown activity, so your anticipatory anxiety is not so unusual! I hope that your occupational therapist can provide you with some useful assistance.

Good luck!

agoraphob said...

Good luck with OT. I get anxious before appts as well!

I am shelly, btw. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and look forward to reading how your appt went!

Ellen said...

It's not so unusual to have anxiety before appointments Em - especially with someone you've never met. Your dog does sound sweet. Hope the OT proves useful to you!

BTW, I'm one of those too who take a beta blocker for anxiety. Just as needed. I find it's good at a low dose - no strong side effects.

Em said...

hi robert

im not unusual thats a first for anyone to say!!! i know some of my family get this too, a little anxious before things, so maybe its a learnt behaviour too. xxx


hi shelly

welcome, hope you enjoy reading my ramblings sometimes they are incoherent, so bare with me. took a nosey round your blog, will be going back. xxx


hi ellen

you take bb too. do you find they are effective? i took mine for the p.o.t.s but im sure they have an effect on my anxiety. also when you dont take them do you have side effects coming off them? just wondered. thanks.xxx