8 February 2010

pitmans girl

i spent two years of extra lessons at school learning to type. i was the only one that got the certificates in elementary,intermediate, and wait for it advanced. so i know where the letters are on a keyboard, simple. i place my fingers on the middle row of keys and whizz off whatever is in my mind.

i learnt on a big old olympia typewriter. all us girls would sit in a room clacking away at the keys. never ripping the paper from the barrel, oh no, the teacher would screech at us, 'no girls'. her name was miss wise, (mmm) my mum had her numerous years before. although she was strict and stubborn, she helped me no end.

i dont think i would be able to do half what i do on the computer if i had to press the keys with two fingers because my neck would hurt. so thank you miss wise. i always wondered why i was learning to type. years later i would find out, being bored and in bed most of the time with a condition that doesnt allow you to do much, communicating on line is a good distraction from boredom.

so to my disbelief, of late im finding due to this foggy/woolly/dumb(?) brain by the time ive formed the words in my head, they travel down my arms, to my finger tips and jiggle around on the keyboard im pressing the wrong keys. theres nothing more frustrating then typing a sentence in imcomprehensiable words. how long will i have to keep pressing the delete button? i made posting easy on myself by not using captials, etc so i wouldnt have to keep moving my hands to the left of the board. now this? what am i to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

It may be the medication but I have found I have these kind of problems too. I am sometimes cringe when I revisit a blog and reread a comment I have made to see it is littered with mistakes. Of course I could go back over and reread before posting but usually the kids are distracting me so much I just hope I've posted it correctly.

I can understand your frustration. Don't worry about it too much though because you are not alone. I'm actually type very quickly, my wife tells me, but only with a couple of fingers. Over a decade in IT/databast administration/programming has made me type quickly and I think the quicker you type the more error prone you are.

All the best


Robert said...

Hey alice - I'm forever making typos and my fingers work just ok. It's my brain, sending them the wrong info that's at fault! I use about 4 fingers to type. Perhaps that's the problem.

A friend of mine who is blind uses voice recognition software. There's the odd glitch, often amusing, but I can understand everything he writes. Perhaps I should be looking at that myself.

Em said...

hi nechtan

me too i always make mistakes. i think i go a bit crazy and type to fast at times.

ive been pressing the delete button to many times recently. practically everytime i write a sentence. im sure this is just a passing phase. i hope so.xx

hi robert

voice recognition good idea. amazing technology available now isnt there? i mean way back when i was small video recorders were just coming out, walkmans, etc. now look at what we have. imagine what the future will hold. im sure there will be cars that drive themselves. wouldnt that be good?!!!xxx

Rusty Hoe said...

Remember when you were a kid and you'd have someone sit behind you, stick their arms in front of you and try and feed you or brush your teeth as they pretended to be your arms? That's what I feel like some days when I'm trying to type. And just like the spaghetti, I wear most of it and the rest goes n the floor. Fun fun fun.

Achelois said...

and there was me thinking its just me that doesn't like capitals. it dislocates my pinky finger on occassion. i like you was taught to touch type i had blacked out keys but didn't get to advance. I also spend a great deal of time typing gobblydegook (sp). I went to a good school and yet my command of the English language, grammar, spelling the lot has got to the stage where I can't remember any of the rules. Hey who cares about that - well it seems a fair few of us do so you are not alone. i also cringe when I revisit a blog and see my mistakes. try not to worry about it. Your blog I love mistakes or not. Sometimes I find if I write a particular word or group of words I find myself constantly repeating myself throughout the text with the same ones and these days have to go through and delete the repetition. Isuppose we could try dragon speak but a bit of me thinks i must hang on even if by a thread to this skill I used to have. Truly try not to dwell on it. We are a group of bloggers who try and just get the words down. In a way I prefer that to the perfectly manicured 'try to hard' type of blog. at least we keep in real.

Living with M.E said...

lol i dont use capitals for the same reason to make it easier.

my spelling is creative to say the least being dyslexic is only compounded by the foggyness from m.e.

diver said...

Hi Em. So frustrating for you! Perhaps it's just the meds? I recall you're on quite a daily cocktail of the things (?)

Perhaps you could add it to your list of things to talk to your specialists about?

Em said...

hi michelle

i certainly get where your coming from. perhaps i should forget hitting the delete button and confuse everyone else with my terrible grammer! i dont think it helps when theres a little dog flopped across my stomach as im trying to type, like at present. xxx

hi achelois
thanks, i hope this old me disolves, and the new chaotic, unorganized, sloppy me shines through. seriously ive tried most of my life to be something im not, as with the inky hands of being left handed. perhaps i should just go with the slow flow. seems a good place to me. but being in a fast world, i still dont fit in.

hi rae

welcome to a little corner of confusedom. a fellow foggy will know the probs. high five for not using capitals. i have little rosie fast asleep across my chest, whilst i am typing. lucky shes a small dog! hope googles ok. xxx

hi diver

yep still on the cocktail of wonderful meds. however these muddled phases seem to come in three month blocks. i also have drop things phases where everything i hold slips through my fingers to the comfort of the floor!! im hoping this will pass, just seems worse than usual. xxxx