6 February 2010

take five things.....

a few posts back i clicked some of my favourite things in life. (i missed out alot thinking about it, so i may blog some more of my favourties). coffeecup, suggested i put the challege out there.

so if any of you bloggers out there would like to post five (or more) of your favourite everyday things (i would love pictures) please do.

the above is one of my fav things. she has stayed for nearly three weeks now. to cut a short story long, shes staying!!! so no puppy just adorable, funny looking, curious rosebud. hope she likes us.


Robert said...

Is she as cute and mischievous as she looks?

Rachael said...

She is a cutie! good to hear she's staying with you :) Dogs are so much fun, i love taking Jimmy to the field and wathcing him run around like a loony.

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I'm not surprised you are smitten, she is a beautiful dog.

I've come to realise I prefer reading people's lists to do my own. Not because I'm lazy but I just don't have that much that hold on to. My laptop and camera are about it I'm afraid. I really should get a life. ;)

But as I said I do enjoy other people's list so look forward to more from you- and others.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Hi Em, okay, I've started the ball rolling and done my list.

:) Xx

Em said...

hi robert

she really is a wonderful dog. i feel a bit of a cheat calling her a dog though!!! shes more cat like. rosebud is very well behaved, were kind of training her to walk at the side of the wheelchair at the moment. she is such a sweetie. xxxx


hi rachael

rosie has her looney moments too. im glad you have jimmy to take care of. they dont want much from you, and make you feel so much better. xxx


hi nechtan

i find that im talking to rose all the time, is that odd? aload of rubbish normally.

thats ok, a camera sounds good enough to me. i love taking pictures now, i once saw a small field mouse curled up at the bottom of a tree, oh i wish i had a camera then. its with me at all times now, (well usually).xxx


hi steph

thank you, will love to see you bits and bobs.xxxx

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Not odd at all. I'll bet it does her a lot of good to know she is gettin attention. If she answers you then that would be odd. ;)

What a lovely photo that would have been of the field mouse. It always seems to be the way that we see things when we don't have the camera. It is rare now for me not to take the camera with me but when I leave it at home I always see something that makes me regret leaving it.

All the best