4 February 2010

vit b12

ive had my second injection. i cant see at present them doing much good. however i hold out hope. another eight weeks, then once a month (i think) for a year. the nurse was pleasant and easy going. not much pain.

ive managed to taking moving pictures on my camera, yeah! just trying to transfer them from camera to laptop. having some difficulty. any tips for woolly headed me would be welcome.


Robert said...

You usually need to use a program provided by your camera manufacturer to download anything useful in the moving picture department. Almost every manufacturer uses different software, so it has to be converted into something which your laptop can recognise. Check the website of your camera manufacturer for help and any downloads you need.

Rusty Hoe said...

Fingers crossed with the shots :)

Coffeecup said...

Not sure about download problem chick. Usually after you've plugged in the camera cable you're prompted to choose a location to load them into, just the same as the photos. Think it depends which version of Windows your using. I would have thought the video would load exactly the same as the pictures. Let us know which version your running there and I'll see if I can figure it out for you maybe? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I hope those shots do you some good- I'm sure they will. I guess it will take some time though to see any change but good to know its not causing you unwanted stress.

I can't help with the video I'm afraid. My camera takes video but I never use it so haven't looked into what you can do with it.

All the best


Em said...

hi robert

just scrolled back and realised i didnt reply to this post! memory is letting me down. i apologise

will check the camera manufacturer website for sure to see if there are any tips, good idea i didnt think of that. xxx

hi michelle

not sure if the injections are working but i will carry on with them until the course is finished. thanks.xx

hi steph

im sure im using the one before windows 7. i assume i am, how would i find out? sorry for my nonsense brain at present but having a really bad few weeks with brain fog. perhaps when its lifted i will be able to complete the task! i did try to download the moving pictures by following the instructions on screen, like i do with the pictures by no joy. thanks steph.xxx

hi nechtan

perhaps it will take some time to see if they work, im prepared to stay the course, just to make sure ive not missed out, and they may make me feel a little better.xxx