22 March 2010

the cull

two shelves of books, ready for the sorting. some books ive been given over the years and didnt have the heart to pass on, so kept them always intending to read them. others have had nice covers, which ive always intended to read. well the cull has come.

i love these covers from the fifties they have that familiar smell about them.

some of the books im passing on, hopefully to a new home. the cath kidston bag is full of books. im leaving them for a week or two to make sure i dont want them, and maybe have another cull. i cant believe ive had the energy to do this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I've never had a cull. There are so many books that could be dumped but I just haven't the heart to do it. Its strange how some books we know we are never going to read again we cannot part with.

Best of luck with the cull.


Rusty Hoe said...

Those books are works of art. I don't know how you can let them go. I'd sooner give away one of my kids. Actually I do have a teenager I'd be happy to pass on to a new home. He's yours if you want him. :)

Em said...

hi nechtan

i think thats why im keeping them separate for a few weeks, so if i really miss them then i can keep them. its just not the books im culling though, its alot of things. a good clear out. x


hi michelle

oh no a teenager, i think i will pass on that one thanks all the same! im having a overhaul of things here, and it feels good to rid myself of all the things im not keen on. x