18 March 2010

rosebud - not for the squeamish!!!

rosies home, a little sore,sad,and weak. this picture was taken when she had just been picked up from the vets this morning. shes wagging her tail, eyes wide open so its not all bad. shes had two major operations so shes going to be out of action for a couple of weeks. i just pray that the op has worked.

please if you are of a squeamish nature dont look below. i was on edge and cringing when i saw the stones. these three little stones were in her bladder causing no end of pain. apparently when her bladder was empty they rubbed against the wall causing pain. so she drank and drank to keep her bladder full so they wouldnt hurt her, so the vet said when we told him she was drinking alot. so glad its all over.

sorry got the pictures round the wrong way!!! brain isnt functioning properly.


Rachael said...

poor little thing she must have been so mcuh pain :(
good to see she's all better now, hope it stays that wayx

Sarah♥ said...

What a gorgeous dog.
Glad its all over for her now :)
You must be relieved.


Rusty Hoe said...

Poor Rosie. Big cuddles to you both.

Coffeecup said...

Aww she's such a sweetie! Delighted that she's home and on the mend. Poor little thing must have been in pain. The stones did turn my stomach a little, hee hee, can't believe the vet gave them to you to take home. Eeuwwee!

Get well soon Rosie! :)

Love to you too Em xxx

Achelois said...

Good grief - I think the vet should have washed the stones. Afterall they do charge so much money.

The main thing is that she won't be in pain anymore. Happy dog = happy you.

Take care virtual bloggy friend.

Em said...

hi rachael

thanks, she was so poorly in the past few weeks im glad the ops over for her now. xx


hi sarah

so thankful it went ok for rose, shes so compliant, she never nipped the vet when he poked her about and she was in pain. poor thing. xx


hi michelle

thanks, ive been cuddling her, although only her top half, her poor little stitches are bruised and sore. xxx


hi steph

thanks, i shouldnt of posted that picture its disgusting. i can barely hold the things, dad wanted to see what they looked liked otherwise the vet was going to keep them in storage. now they are sitting on top of tim, our cats ashes on the mantelpiece. (i shall stop writing because im coming across like a weirdo!!!) xxx


hi achelois

dont talk about money, was an expensive trip, but if rose could talk im sure she would thank us, shes so sweet. i think the vet was taken unware when asked for the stones, pretty vile things they are too. i have to avert my eyes when they are in the room. xxx

Anonymous said...

That's perfectly okay. I thought the stones were strawberries.

PS. I hope Rosie recovers quickly.

Em said...

strawberries! rosies not doing to bad at present, thanks. xxx