15 March 2010

prof g

i arrived home this morning after a push around in the glorious sunshine, to a letter. two weeks ago i asked my gp to refer me to prof g in north london. well i have to make an appointment now. a little apprehension, its like the final step of the journey, the have you or havent you got ehlers danlos or even marfans syndrome. im hoping for next tuesday, if theres a time slot. then the mystery will be solved. time to write the family tree of health probs out this week, what odd things my family has, like my great aunt who could touch her feet into her eighties, my sister that died, my aunt that died at 21 years of age. perhaps this is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. an explanation of years of others health problems.

my eyes are aching at present, poor little rosie is going in on wednesday for her op to remove the stones and to be neutered. are things going to look up, please.


Coffeecup said...

Firstly sending my best wishes for little Rosie. Once this trip to the vets is over and done she'll soon be running around and forgetting all about it. Animals have this amazing ability to recover very quickly because they do not worry! Try not to sweetie, it's not nice but she'll be fine afterwards.

I hope you get the answers you need from the appointment and that finally you will know what you're dealing with and can therefore be treated properly if need be. I was totally shocked when you mentioned that your sister had died. Gosh Em, I had no idea about this aspect of your life and I'm truly sorry to hear it. Hope you're feeling okay having to catalogue the bereavements and illnesses in your family. Sending a great big virtual ((hug)) :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I hope you get an answer that helps you which either way that is. Its been a long wait so the anticipation must be weighing.

The one aspect I dislike about family trees is death. I think everyone's tree has some sadness in it but it sounds like you have quite a ot of sad events.

I hope all goes well,


ellen said...

Good luck with the famous prof G Em. Just a word of caution from my cynical self - you won't know what this guy is like until you actually meet him. Maybe he will be helpful, with the answers you need. Maybe he will be not so great and you will have to keep looking. I'd say go in with a balanced attitude, till you know what he's like. Seems like you're preparing for the meeting really well on your side.

All the best for Rosie also!

diver said...

Hi Em. Like Coffeecup I was shocked at news of that earlier life tragedy in your family :(

Big week for you and Rosie for sure. Just hugs and fingers crossed for you both. I really hope it's a turning point Em, I really do. I've had two diagnostic turning points in the last five years. They've affected me massively and positively. As you say, just the 'knowing' has value. It's a solid foundation to work on ... as opposed to flailing around in the err deep water.

All the best Em x

Em said...

hi steph

rosie is cuddled up next to me on a little blanket oblivious to whats going to happen tomorrow. im sure she will be fine, thats what i keep telling myself.

im so apprehensive about the appointment, i think it doesnt help that its an hour away so my mind will have plenty of time to wander on the journey, just wish it was nearer. im sure i will find things out, my sister im sure too, had some form of this condition. all we been known i hope next week or the week after. thanksxxxx.


hi nechtan

i must put pen to paper in the next few days, something that i have put off but i now must do. its strange that no ones thought that it just wasnt bad luck before, but i medical condition. thanksxxx


hi ellen

i will go in neutral. all i want is facts. i understand what you mean. i could of gone to a local rheumy but decided to go straight to the top luckily living near him helped to make that decision. thanks. will keep you updated on rosie.xxxx


hi diver

will certainly be good to know either way whats happening with me. ive slowly stumbled across certain diagnoses which has lead me in this direction. no direct route!

need lots of fingers crossed for little rose. thanks.xxx