28 March 2010


yesterday after a mush around MH, little rosie managed to walk a tiny way, we sat outside the riverside cafe. the clouds above seemed unfavourable, however having rosie being outside was a must. theres a small alcove attached to the main building with three or four tables underneath so i thought if the rain came i would move to the shelter.

mum went into to buy the tea, whilst rosie and i looked around at the river and waited. sure enough the clouds opened,then passed, then opened again. i decided to move, i could manage wheeling the chair on my own, so i put the fleece on my lap along with rosie, collected our bags, began to turn the chair around and two people, two abled people dived for the remaining table. i swivelled around and just laughed, how unfortunate that im in a w-chair, a few years ago i would of been the fastest mover, i would of baggsed the table with no problem. yet here i sit in a cumbersome chair, as slow as a snail can be, being beaten by a couple of oldies. i didnt even feel defeated. humour is a great leveller.

god was on my side, the rain passed and we enjoyed the tea with brilliant sunshine for company.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Good way to look at it. Having a laugh is a great thing- a leveller as you said. I don't do enough of that and can see its something I should do more.

It is good you are still getting out and also that Rosie is getting some fresh air too. It won't always be like this. One day this post will be a reminder of how things use to be and you'll remember that as you are shoulering some oldies out the way to make that cover your own. ;)

All the best


diver said...

Hi Em. I hope those two 'older people' didn't see you making for the table and rushed to snatch it off you? That would reflect on them rather badly wouldn't it ...

Nice comment Nechtan. I'll second those sentiments :)

Em said...

hi nechtan

i try to use humour in this way, otherwise the alternative is tears, and tears drain me so.

rosies not so bad, its been two weeks since her op, and she seems, touch wood, to be doing fine.

i still cant find that kafka book, perhaps i borrowed one from the library and thought it was mine!



hi diver

im sure it was a coincidence, funny either way you look at it. i was the fastest whippet of all time, turned into a snail now, what does that tell you? x