1 April 2010

the ballard of peckham rye

is it me or does the above photo look like the middle of the flats(apartments) look like they have been scooped out in the middle. last year when making the trek up to kings college i always saw the flats on my journey. it wasnt till this afternoon when making a journey to the hornimans museum in south london, (might be visiting there in the next few weeks/months) that they appeared whilst approaching the top of an incredibly steep hill. camera in door holder, i took a few snaps.
must admit got a bit lost after the scooped out flats were taken. got the a-z out, because i cant read the map going along, we had to wait till there was traffic. as we approached some traffic lights near a green, i saw the above sign post, and thought of the book, the ballard of peckham rye, i racked my brains to try to think of the author, still cant remember, so im off to google.


Coffeecup said...

Fabulous pics Em! The flats remind me of Lego. Looks like the middle needs more bricks. Or that something's smashed straight through there. Very odd! I suspect they did that to stop it completely blocking out the sky!

The Ballad of Peckham Rye isn't something I've heard of. Bit dim. Will be interested to find out what it is and who wrote it. :)

diver said...

Excellent leading pic Em. Fascinating, as usual. Agreed, it looks like a lego block building that someone trod on. Just as well too ... because if it were solid it'd be an architectural abomination I suppose.

Em said...

hi steph

now you mention it the flats look they are made of lego. found out the ballard of peckham rye was written by muriel spark, who wrote the prime of miss jean brodie. i was thinking along the wrong lines i thought a man wrote it! i only had a recollection of the title because i once owned the book. xxx


hi diver

you wouldnt believe that some buildings of this type are actually listed in london. (meaning that you cant knock them down) there is another building, a block of flats in north london that is well known which is on the line of being beautiful vs ugly. cant remember its name though, typical of me. xx

Robert said...

Yes, that's what they look like to me, too. Scooped out in the middle. Good pic!