15 August 2010

anxious archie

hes got my place.

my bestest smile

if i snuggle really close she wont leave me

today my dad and sis picked some little people up (niece and nephew) from stone henge, half way mark between brothers house and ours. he took the car so we were left with his vw van, also a little dog.

seriously fluffy archie, rosies son would rival woody allen in anxiety stakes. as soon as he was dropped off, he paced the room for a bit. a little later he was heard sitting at the front door pine-ing. he displays alot of anxiety sufferers behaviour. the remedy, lots of comforting cuddles. he seems to be on alert most of the time. rosie seemed cheesed off with another dog getting the attention, one time she even gave him a disapproval growl, which she got told of for. archie would snuggle up, whilst rosie was on her usual place, my lap, then he would bouff he out of the way to top stop. she would just stare at him, and me with sulky eyes. he needs constant reassurance, which is tiring, yet you cant help but feel for him. hes gone home now, yet rosie still looks at me with disdain, traitor i hear her say. will take a few more hours before she forgives me.


diver said...

Great picture post and tale Em, laughed at every caption :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Great photos. Archie looks like a real bundle of joy. Strange like you say that you can see the raw anxiety in a little doggy that so many of us can relate to. Maybe we all just need a hug and some compassion. If it worked for Archie then it might just work for us human beans too.

Great post and all the best,


Achelois said...

Loved the photo's. Had a minor blip when I glanced at the first one thinking you had taken to wearing a disguise - ginger moustache n glasses. Then realised its the dogs ear.

Animals can pick up on stress as well. I have a very loyal staffie who is a woman's dog if you get my drift. My OH so much as raises his tone and the dog lays beside me. I love back up. he he....

You are looking very cool these days. Something Angeglique? Joli (I have lost my spelling mojo can you tell).in these pics.

diver said...

Hi Em. 'Scuse my fuss'n'worry ... haven't seen you around blogville for awhile ... you OK?

Em said...

hi diver

thanks, will post soon. i should say im fine, nothings wrong, had a few bumps along the way over the past few weeks. xx

hi nechtan

archie sure is a character, yet you can see and feel when he shakes, the fear. the poor dog can be a times a bag of nerves. im sure compassion helps, perhaps that was missing as we were growing up?. x

hi achelois

angelina, thanks. i really feel for you in your last post. the docs, anything to avoid there insistant predjudice. ive experienced that kind of lack of empathy for the past twenty years. at present because all of this is new, they arent so worrisome, yet!. keep well.x