29 September 2010

warning - 80s fashion

sarah, recognize the socks?!!! bit of bros going on with the dm shoes,(bottle tops attached)
black bob
dr martens, cut of denim shorts.
not so bad. black levis, my first pair of red converse.
black sunglasses with the gold bits on the frame, oh i should know the name of them, its gone right out of my woolly head.
just a glimpse of cycle shorts, (the shame, with a glo faster stripe!)
rugby shirt.
red,red jacket, with shoulder pads, classic!
wide baggy cream trousers, over the shoulder small clutch, oh my.

i couldnt help but notice all the teenage girls wandering around in eighties fashion. what memories, i thought i looked so grown up and cool. i suppose thats how they feel. i have worse concoctions than the ones above, mismatched floral patterns, naf naf t.shirts. funny how back then mostly all the pictures were taken on holiday. now we snap every day capturing every flick of the eyelid. mums trawling through old family photos, back in the 20s and 30s only a few were taken each year! i think they were more precious then.

hope you had a good laugh. x


Achelois said...

yes I did laugh. I was more of a hippy chick, sort off but for a while went a little sort of punky although never liked aggresive music.

Having size one n half feet always made fashion a challenge!

Em, it looks like you had fun making your photo shoot. You are becoming such a competent blogger these days. So much so I hardly recognise the days not so long ago when you asked for help to upload a photo! Look at you now. Up running and blogging so well.

This really cheered me up Em. Look how much you were laughing in all of them and your body language was so different, so carefree not contained.

I think inside every EDSer is the need to dance, dance and forget...

Only an EDSer would understand that we still can do it, normally in the comfort of our own home for a moment to a happy melody or a familiar song and return to crippledom in a flash, but still remembering that inside 'we dance'.

You are so right about the whole photo scenario. Snap happy. How things have changed from 'back in the day', its nice to remember that there are good things about the present, a nice reminder.

A wonderful post.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Those are great. I was looking through some old photos of my wife in the 80s and its pretty much the same styles- big and puffy. Even to this day she still swears by DMs much to the ridicule of her sisters.

I think you are right about photos from decades previous being more precious. As much as I like digital for its ability to snap away as much as you like I have a harddrive full to the brim of useless photos that I should delete but can't be bothered too. In times past people took more care and took less and I think they were better fo it.

All the best


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Made me smile. thank you for reminding me what I too looked like...

Em said...

hey achelois

thanks, glad i gave you a chuckle, was very much intended. remember back to old times when the body was fit and able. oh i mustnt look back. hope your ok.

hi nechtan

have you noticed dms i think are back in fashion, ive seen enough pairs walking around recently, good for your foot too.

sometimes one single photo means so much more than a hoard of images. i must remember this, a few days ago i organized my photos on-line, took me three and a half hours!!! thats what you get when you can just snap away at anything. x

hi suzie

i cant believe some of the clothes were so fashionable, yet i seem many teenagers wearing the same fashions now, ahhh the memories. x

mitch said...

Thanks. Yes. I did laugh x