25 September 2010

many moons ago.......

many moons ago i used to work just round the corner from the old curiosity shop. i didnt even know it was just round the corner. years later when i returned i stumbled across the shop in amazement, pretty sweet.
the great hall (i think thats what its called) where dinners are held, in the grounds of lincolns inn. i would walk past this hall each day i never realised the size until today.
chimneys, i do like an attractive chimney.
the entrance to lincolns inn, i worked just to the right.

the reason for these pictures? on thursday i have to go to barts hospital which is just up the road from lincolns inn. i thought i knew part of the way, indeed i did. yet when i got to high holborn tube station there was no right turn, how annoying is that?! so we made a little detour, a short cut, a bit of nostalgia. happily we found the way not much parking as usual. brought back many memories. on the way home we stopped off at battersea park so rose could have a walk, we could have a tea and enjoy the sunshine. extremely tired now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Lovely pictures. I do like the old curiosity shop. Just looking at it makes me want to go in for a nose around.

I think when we come to this stage we start to appreciate things more and become more aware of our surroundings. Like yourself I think back on loads of things now that I never really noticed because I never paid them much attention. The detail on those chimneys for example. I'll bet loads of people walk by them every day and never notice the beauty and workmanship.

All the best


diver said...

Thanks Em, I really enjoy these little photographic excursions of yours, always fascinating. You have a great eye for architectural art and perspective too. Your photos are a delight to enlarge and explore :)

Curiosity Shop has got me curious about what sort of work did you do those many moons ago?

Em said...

hi nechtan

i certainly did the london thing and walked with the flow of human traffic. i was amazed looking at the size of the great hall, and like you say the chimneys well id never even noticed them before.

the old dickens shop is dwarfed by the buildings. looks funny plonked in the middle of them, yet really they have grown up around the shop. x

hi diver

i worked in lincolns inn. the legal centre of london. i was merely a secretary, there was a plan behind my madness. becoming a barrister is notoriously difficult to enter. usually your father knows someone who knows someone and you get in that way. or the school you went to helps. i didnt have any of that, so i applied for work experience, they liked me and i went back. alas the dream didnt work out. i dropped out of college with what i know no was a p.o.t.s attack. never mind eh?!.x hope your ok.