23 September 2010

im such a wuss, i cant do pain.

i went to have my stitches removed tonight. the nurse i saw ive seen before, gentle lady which helps. yet, ouch......, she razored the first stitch out, i didnt know what to expect because ive never had stitches before, but it bloody hurt, i kept my screams silent not wanting to appear a wuss. blood poured from the tiny circle of a wound. she layed some white strips across the wound and informed me that i leave the other stitches in. i really wanted them gone. never mind.


Achelois said...

daughter had a biopopsy I can't ever spell that word for other reasons. First because of the EDS she bled the place down when they were doing it and they subsequently left the stitches in for twice as long. She was wise to leave the rest in. It hurts because your skin is thin Em, you are so not being a wuss.


Em said...

hi achelois

thanks, the prof did say i had thin skin. i think because of the years of pain, etc i always think im a big girls blouse!!!x