11 November 2010

thanks foggy knitter

after nearly a month of knitting these knee high socks from trekking wool, when i walked around the house, well they fell down.mmmmmmm
after putting my dilemma in writing, the wonderful foggy knitter (sorry i still cant do the linky thing, however shes on the about me page in the list of blogs i read), suggested i use some shirring elastic to hold them up. this afternoon i raided the sewing box, threaded some elastic around the top of the socks, and wallah. problem solved, thanks foggy. x


The Foggy Knitter said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad it worked! xxx

Em said...

thanks foggy,a knitting problem shared is a sock solved. x

Melinda said...

They look fantastic Em! Very warm and comforting! The elastic is a good tip.

Em said...

hi melinda

thanks, just in time for the cold season here. im not the best knitter in the world but i enjoy it.x