20 January 2011

all wind and water

why do i keep putting off doing things i dislike? this mirror has been waiting to be finished for around three years now. i know that ive not been well, yet i still continue to avoid piecing together the last steps. must try harder.
Basil, after making rosy a few winter coats, i decided to gift Basil the westie cross a treat. he is a scruffy mutt, beautiful eyes, and a loveable nature just hoping he likes it!
lastly rosys leopard print coat. on sunday she wore it as a joke with the leopard print underneath showing, a lady commented that rosy was like herself, (she had a leopard print coat on).

i get so frustrated because i cant sit down and sew. i have to pace myself with time, and yet i should be happy with this because i feel my work is better. instead of rushing through a piece i have to stop, rest and maybe start again the next day. why cant i see that slowness is a virtue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Its great you are getting things done. I think like everything it takes a little time to get back into the swing and even get the apetite back but it looks like its coming along nicely.

I agree about patience. It seems to be a thing with anxious types- get it over as quickly as possible. I certainly see that in everything I do and the impatience is a big part of my anxiety from having people in doors to going somewhere. But it looks like you have found a positive spin on that and I hope you can use that to your advantage. As you said it must make your work better if you can spend more time and attention doing it.

All the best


agoraphob said...

Those coats look awesome!!

Sorry you are feeling unwell and have to take a break during your sewing.

Melinda said...

Rosy's coat looks gorgeous! I know it must be frustrating to make slow progress. However I'm glad that you are still able to do creative and enjoyable things.

Em said...

hi nechtan

thanks, oh if i had my way i certainly would be sewing my way through the night! but my body just wont tolerate it. however im grateful that i can do a little each day when im well.

i wonder why we are so impatience, something in our genes perhaps? i think my dad is the same, he just couldnt sit down and watch t.v all day on his days off, he has to be up and doing its not in his nature to be a slow person. x

Em said...

hi shelley

im glad you like the coats, im pretty chuffed with them, although i can see the faults! trust me.x

Em said...

hi melinda

i need to be grateful that i can sew again. using the machine felt so natural, like a part of me, i know that sounds daft. x