10 January 2011

ive never.......

theres a show on radio four at the moment called, 'ive never watched star wars' or something like that. a comedian, cant remember his name has guests on, and asked them what they have never done before. anyone up for it? heres my ten.

1. ive never ate creme brulee

2. ive never rode on a motorbike

3. ive never ate asparagus

4. ive never been to a concert

5. ive never tasted dr pepper

6. ive never watched E.T (owned a sticker book)

7. ive never owned a car

8. ive never understood gooseberries

9. ive never trick or treated

10. ive never watched a bond film

later on will post my thoughts on todays appt with the psychotherapist. just so tired and spent right now.


Coffeecup said...

Nice post :) Em you should eat asparagus and creme brulee. Both are delicious. Asparagus is divine! Does a gooseberry need to be understood? Yum, my favourites!

I've been on a motorbike very fast! I have been to concerts and I own a car. I did trick or treat when I was small. I loved making the costume but hated knocking on doors.

You should watch ET. It will make you cry :)

Bond films - yawn!

Quite a few things you could do easily if you wished to. Would your life change? Probably not!

x x x

mitch said...

Interesting stuff Em

1. I've never slept in the top bunk
2. I've never been to ireland
3. I've never swam naked
4. I've never had a celeb as an idol
5. I've never bought a puppy
6. I've never danced to popular or classical music
7. I've never been up a mountain
8. I've never been in a betting shop
9. I've never drunk a cocktail
10. I've never used the facilities of a health club

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Good list and good idea. I'll post my ones tomorrow as it should be fun and give me some thinking time.

From your own list I'm not sure if I've ever had asparagus- if I have I can't remember it.

All the best


Em said...

hi steph

i shall be brave this year and try asparagus, something about it makes me cringe! i dont think i will lose sleep over the others on the list. xxxx

Em said...

hi mitch

been up a couple of mountains in my time. dont think ive been in a betting shop either. what wonders our brains think of when trying to come up with, ive nevers! i suppose if we had really want to do these things we would of.x

Em said...

hi nechtan

will look forward to reading your list nechtan. hope you and your family are all well.x