13 January 2011

nervous v excited

we picked up rosys passport today!!!!


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Good stuff. As your title suggests I can only imagine its mixed emotions. I do hope all goes well and we read about your adventure.

All the best


Achelois said...

Excellent. Onwards and upwards.
(as an aside thank you so much for changing the pic from the doll's that freak me out so much)


Em said...

hi nechtan

up and down, excited and nervous, what have i done, i cant wait. all depending what im feeling, i can be happy about the adventure or scared. x

Em said...

hi achelois

thanks. no problems, i like putting up allsorts of pictures in the header, now that i can do it! x

Melinda said...

Hi Em
Thanks for the link to the blog - it's absolutely beautiful and very interesting. You'r the best.

Em said...

aw thanks melinda. im pretty limited in what i can read on the net, time span wise due to my condition so i love to read interesting beautiful blogs.x