22 February 2011


no not the garage.

ive been fitted with a blood pressure machine for the day. so every twenty minutes or so i get a brrrrrrrrrr, a tightening around my upper arm, then a sssshhhhhhhhh. i only have to tolerate this for 24hrs.

now a whinge, i will miss my bath. lovely warm soaks, with the occasional blast of hot water, (i can lay back in the bath, when the water gets cold my big old, big toe can switch the quarter turn taps on, no need for a head spin to get up) even if i do get palps, my joints are so easily pleased. but hey its on night.

tea, i also dislike appts when i cant have a cuppa first thing. although this was not one of them thank goodness. as always i forget to read the instructions that accompany the appt letter. why dont i read things properly?

i saw a tv.programme in the week, or maybe at the weekend, pretty sure now i think of it, sunday. where a person in england goes abroad and practises the job they do here there. this week was a bus driver that went to the Philippines, easy watching so i thought. until you saw the poor people, really poor people, rooting through fast food bin bags, taking out the left over chicken pieces re-cooking them and selling them on. shocked, the guy cried. i was stunned. we arent poor, so you cant get the latest gadget, car, house, just think you aint chomping on others left overs. somethings i shouldnt watch, i get flashbacks in my brain.


Rusty Hoe said...

It's hard to see real poverty. I know when we traveled in Asia I finally realised what real poverty was. It's heartbreaking and overwhelming. You wouldn't be you if you weren't affected by it.

I hope the bp cuff gives you something helpful. They are a pain but if they give you answers at least its worth it. Hang in there :)

Em said...

hi michelle

sorry your having a tough time at present. liked your vid.

what i thought was an easy to watch programme was a little disturbing, real gut wrenching stuff.

bp cuff taken back this morning. i didnt realise how whiffy i got without a daily bath, glad it was only one day!!!! take carex